Mapping the Purchasing Power of Banjarmasin City Residents

Hidayatullah Muttaqin, Muhammad Handry Imansyah, and Muzdalifah write a paper that will present at 15th IRSA International Conference in 22-23 July 2019, Banda Aceh. The paper titled is Mapping the Purchasing Power of Banjarmasin City Residents. The aim of this research is to map the purchasing power of Banjarmasin City residents at urban village level based on settlement areas.

This research adopts proxies that obtained from the Potensi Desa data to make welfare composite index. The index is used as basis to estimate the resident purchasing power at urban village level. They also apply Geographic Information System or GIS to map the purchasing power and the settlement areas. They attract settlement areas from satellite imagery of Google Earth Pro and then convert to vector format data. The settlement areas are separated based on urban village administration areas. They run Quantum GIS software to implement it.

The resulted maps and spatial analysis show that the spread of the purchasing power is unevently. The urban village residents in Banjarmasin Selatan region are poorer than other regions. This means the Banjarmasin City Government have to give more attentions in that region especially for development planning to reduce poverty and to raise their purchasing power.

This map model will be very useful for policy makers to evaluate and to create an efficient and better policies to raise people welfare because they can focus on resident settlements. It is also benefited for firms to find where the best location for their businesses. []

Credit: Muttaqin, Imansyah, and Muzdalifah (2019).