A Year Agenda of Monthly Economic Discussion in The Department of Economics

The Department of Economics will have been organizing Montly Economic Discussion during the year of 2019. These discussions aim to rise academic atmosphere and to facilitate the department lecturers to deliver their views and researches in special and interest topics.

The Monthly Economic Discussion will be raising actual issues in local level such as Kalimantan Selatan Province or national level. The discussions will include the core topics; (1) Macroeconomic, (2) Economic Development, (3) public finance, and (4) current issues in Indonesian Economy.

The following is a schedule of the discussions in 2019:

  1. JanuaryEconomic Outlook of Kalimantan Selatan 2019 by Syahrituah Siregar, SE, MA.
  2. FebruaryHow Local Government Budgets to be a Regional Economic Driver? By Dr. Ahmad Yunani, SE, M.Si.
  3. MarchDisruptive Technology: a Threat or an Opportunity for Indonesia Economy? By Hidayatullah Muttaqin, SE, MSI, Pg.D.
  4. April How a Local Government Makes Innovations in Financing the Incrastructure Development? By Prof. Dr. M. Handry Imansyah, MAM.
  5. JuneIndonesia’s Demographic Bonus: How We Optimize it for Development? By Dr. Noor Rahmini, SE, MP.
  6. JulyDecreasing Indonesia’s Poverty and Inequality Rates by Dr. Dewi Rahayu, SE, MP.
  7. July The Green GRDP in Kalimantan Selatan Province: Is It Possible? by Dr. M. Anshar Nur, MM.
  8. AugustEconomic Policies to Mitigate the Climate Change Impacts by Yunita Sopiana, SE, MSE
  9. SeptemberIncreasing the Quality of Local Government Expenditures in Disruption Era by Muzdalifah, SE, M.Si.
  10. OctoberFinance Inclussion in Fintech Era: a Problem and a Challenge for Indonesia by Ryan J. Anward, SE, M.Sc.
  11. November How Shariah Banking Benefits Fintech to Raise Market Share? by Sri Maulida, SE.Sy, MEI.
  12. December Economic Reflection of Kalimantan Selatan 2019 by LKEPD FEB ULM.