The Impact of Labour Absorption in Kalimantan Selatan Province is not as Expected

In a study that has published in International Jurnal of Business, Social and Scientific Research (Vol 7, No 2, 2019), Muzdalifah, Mursinto, and Purwono said that fiscal decentralization and economic growth have contribution to decrease poverty rates in 13 regencies and municipalities in Kalimantan Selatan Province. It proves that higher fiscal decentralization degrees and economic growth rates will reduce poverty rates.

Kalimantan Selatan Province

In contrast to the impact of both the variables, labour absorption has positive direction impact on poverty rates. It means higher labour absorption will raise poverty rates in regencies and municipalities in Kalimantan Province. It indicates that there is some problem related to economic sectors that have role to absorb labours.

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Muzdalifah, SE, M.SI